Group Pilates

Our studio is a beautiful, calm space dedicated to bringing you the best of Pilates in a fully equipped dedicated studio.
Our small, friendly group classes are tailored to your specific level and needs and we offer individual attention, positioning and correction.

We have a small team of highly qualified teachers that are here to help you achieve your personal goals and to help address back, neck, joint and flexibility issues.
Whether your goal is relaxation, perfecting technique, rehabilitation or toning our warm and friendly approach will help you reach your goal. We give you the tools and environment to take ownership of your personal wellness, helping you build strength, bone density, flexibility and incorporate Pilates into your regular routine.

Beginners / Gentle Mat

This class will introduce you to the principles of Pilates as well as the basic exercises using all start positions. It is suitable for new beginners or those who prefer a more gentle class.
We will work on alignment, posture and mobility at a manageable pace and is a good place to start if you want to work on quality of movement rather than intensity.
Often clients prefer to start their Pilates journey with one or more private sessions before joining a class.
If this is of interest to you, please contact the studio to arrange a session.

Senior pilates

Pilates is wonderful for everybody of every age. Balance, strength, flexibility, focus, and your breath are all areas you may notice have changed with age and Pilates works on improving all of those things and is gentle enough to be right for you at any age. Every exercise can be modified and adapted during the class to ensure you are doing what is right for your body. You are never too old to begin your Pilates practice, if you are 60 or older and are active, you are ready to start.

Mixed Ability

Mixed ability is the next step up from beginners where more challenging exercises will be introduced including some progressions of exercises that you have learnt in the beginner’s class. This might include more weight bearing exercises and a stronger core workout. Mixed Ability classes are suitable for clients at all levels. Our teachers are experienced at teaching clients of varying abilities in the same class and are able to provide progressions to challenge or adaptations to enable everyone to enjoy the class.

Intermediate Mat

A more challenging class suitable for those who have practiced Pilates before. These classes will build upon your Pilates skills to further progress your practice, build your strength and understanding of the Pilates technique.

Private Pilates

One to One and Two to One sessions are perfect for clients who would like a bespoke class tailored to their specific needs.


These sessions take place in our equipment studio where you will use the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. The studio equipment creates spring loaded resistance to the Pilates repertoire, producing more specific movement patterns in the body, challenging any weaknesses and therefore over time, improving posture, mobility and tone. The Pilates machines are amazing as well as fun and take the client to a different dimension of movement and body understanding.
Whether on a machine or mat these sessions are designed around you, your body and your goals. They are particularly good for;

  • Clients who would like a session tailored for them individually
  • Clients with specific injury or illness
  • New clients who would like to learn the basics before entering a group class
  • Clients with specific sports related goals where we can focus on your particular discipline – regular use of Pilates aids in injury prevention in athletes as we address imbalances and weaknesses before they turn into injuries.


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